Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular massage therapy (NMT), sometimes referred to as Trigger Point
Therapy, takes a structural and functional approach to bodywork.

An initial intake assessment includes a history of the condition or complaint
to assist the therapist in understanding the root case of the debilitation.  Through
careful evaluation and communication between the therapist and patient,
contributing factors and compensatory behaviors can be identified.  Working
together, the therapist and patient agree upon both short and long term goals
and a treatment program is developed.

Neuromuscular massage therapy targets muscles that are hyper-contracted,
causing limited mobility or are entrapping a nerve or vascular structure resulting
in chronic, referred pain and changes in structural integrity.  Each session will
target the muscle(s) from which the problem stems as well as those providing
physical compensation for the body.  

Neuromuscular massage restores the body’s natural curvatures and balance.  
In short, NMT helps the body get out of it’s own way, allowing it to heal itself and
return to a proper sense of structural integrity or homeostasis.



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