We offer a variety of therapeutic and relaxation products for home use.
    During your next visit, take a few minutes to browse a variety of soaps, candles,     
    essential oils, and other beneficial items.

    BioFreeze can help you relieve discomfort from:

    •  Muscular strains and soreness
    •  Back, shoulder and neck pain
    •  Arthritis pain
    • Painful ankle, knee, hip and elbow joints

    BioFreeze is available in lotion form or in a convenient roll-on.

    Essential Oils and Blends
    We carry both single note Essential Oils and Essential Oil Blends created from 100% pure
    essential oils carefully selected from around the world. Our blends are formulated to
    target a variety of therapeutic needs.
    Essential Oil Safety and Use Information

    Therapeutic Bath Salts
    Compounded with Celtic Sea Salt and a variety of 100% pure Essential Oils and organic
    herbals formulated for specific needs ranging from relaxation and stress relief to muscle
    pain and immune system support.

    Bath and Body Oils and Lotions
    Our bath and body lotions contain 100% Essential Oils combined with a grape seed carrier
    oil.  Use in the bath or as a skin nourishing moisturizer.

    Germ Buster Products
    Germ Buster is a custom blend of essential oils having antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic
    and antimicrobial properties.  Follow the link above for more information.

    Zum products, from Indigo Wild are all natural products for the body and home.  We offer
    multiple products with coordinated scents to complete your collection.  The scents range
    from rich and pungent to light and lively.

    Zum soy candles are perfect for meditation or when you want to add a pleasant fragrance
    to your living space.

    Zum Bar all natural goat's milk soap will soothe your skin in the shower or bath.

    Zum Mist is an all natural room freshener.  We even have a "Doggie" mist to freshen
    your pooch.

    Disclaimer: Information listed on this website is not a substitute for medical treatment or consultation and should not be
    construed as such. All information has been gathered from reputable sources and traditional herbal lore.  This information
    is not intended to diagnose or prescribe in any way - it is here for informational purposes only.  Our products or their uses
    have not been evaluated by the FDA.



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