Reiki, which originated in Japan, is a still touch therapy based in the principal of
universal healing energy.  Reiki is not a religion or belief system.  It is used widely
in the western hemisphere as well in Asian countries.  Recently, Reiki has found its
way into the hospital surgical setting.

A typical Reiki session is approximately one hour in length, with the client
remaining fully clothed throughout.  The Reiki practitioner uses specific hand
placement positions on various aspects of the body to facilitate the unobstructed
flow if Ki or energy.

Many clients report a profound sense of relaxation and well-being following a
Reiki session.  Each individual is different.  You may feel energized and revived
following a session, or you may feel relaxed and calmer.  Some people notice
an almost immediate change whereas others report slower, less dramatic
changes over several days.



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