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Looking for something a little different for a special occasion?

Anytime a basic massage doesn't quite meet your needs ...
try one of our specialty sessions below.
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Prices are subject to change.  Please confirm all pricing when scheduling your appointment
Our Hot Stone Massage includes full body Swedish (relaxation) massage of either 60 or 90 minutes
incorporating heated natural basalt stones to provide maximum relaxation. Heat from the stones
penetrates into the deeper layers of muscle tissue allowing them to relax and soften without the use of
additional pressures. Oil or lotion is applied to the skin to allow the stones to glide smoothly and
comfortably on the body.  Advance notice is required to allow time for the stones to reach the proper
therapeutic working temperature.
Our Aromatherapy Massage includes a full body Swedish (relaxation) massage of either 60 or 90
minutes incorporating 100% therapeutic grade essential oils to enhance the sensory experience.   The
oils are custom blended for each session to give you the results you seek.  Blends range from mild and
fragrant, deeply calming and relaxing to uplifting and stimulating.  Advance phone consultation is
required to ensure your session blend is created correctly for your desired goals.  We'll discuss the
options when scheduling your appointment so you can select the blend that is just right for you.
  60 Minutes
90 Minutes
Aromatherapy Massage
60 Minutes
90 Minutes
Full Body Salt Glow
Full Body Sugar Scrub
  60 Minutes
90 Minutes
Hot Stone Massage
Salt Glows and Body Scrubs are the ultimate luxury experience.
cells and opening clogged pores while toning the skin and surface tissue and stimulating circulation.  
They leave the skin smooth, silky and vibrant.  Massage strokes used in Salt Glows and Sugar Scrubs are
very similar to those of Swedish massage, but are applied with very light pressure.

Salt Glows use fine grain natural sea salt, whereas Sugar Scrubs substitute natural dark coarse sugar
crystals.  Both treatments use a blended compound containing a carrier oil and various essential oils. At
the conclusion of the treatment, the compound is removed from the body using warm moist towels.

We blend the compounds individually for each Salt Glow or Sugar Scrub session to ensure they are
appropriate for your needs and as fresh as possible, so advance notice is required for these treatments.
We suggest you wear loose, older clothing as a slight residue from the salt or sugar compound may
occasionally remain on the skin.  We will remind you of this when scheduling your appointment and
discuss compound options with you so you can choose the one that's best suited to your individual
situation and preferences.
Sweet Feet  (30 minutes)                               $40.00
Our feet absorb lots of stress with every step we take ... why not give yours a special treat?
Sweet Feet is a 30 minute session including your choice of a warm or cool foot soak combined with an
exfoliating massage treatment from the knees down.  Sweet Feet incorporates essential oils and fine grain
sea salt to sooth and relax tired, overworked feet, polish the skin and boost peripheral circulation.
Heads Up  (30 minutes)                               $40.00
Heads Up is a 30 minute session incorporating detailed neck, facial and scalp massage.  It is a great way
to reduce your stress levels and give yourself a mental boost.  Massaging the scalp increases circulation
to relieve headaches, alleviate chronic mental fatigue and improve concentration.  Heads Up includes
strokes known as therapeutic hair pulling which greatly enhances blood flow beneath the scalp, so
cannot be performed in its entirety if you are bald or have extremely short hair.  While the strokes are not
painful, you may find them slightly uncomfortable if you are "tender-headed".  Your therapist can omit
these strokes if needed.