Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is often referred to as Relaxation Massage.  

This form of massage therapy was founded in Sweden by Pehr Henrik Ling.  
Ling was a physiologist and gymnastics instructor at the University of Lund and the
Swedish Royal Institute of Gymnsatics.  

Swedish massage typically incorporates long flowing strokes performed
relatively slowly.  Usually, it is performed directly on the skin utilizing a lotion
or oil as lubricant.  A typical Swedish session is approximately one hour long and
encompasses a full body treatment.

Draping is used in all massage sessions to provide warmth and preserve client
modesty and privacy.  Only the body part currently being treated is uncovered,
and is then recovered prior to moving to the next body part.

There are numerous physical, mental and psychological benefits of massage
therapy … far too many to list here.  We encourage you to research your particular
area of interest to see how massage therapy can benefit you directly.

Some of the most common and primary benefits are listed below:

Stimulates the body’s natural relaxation response
Increases blood circulation
Increases effectiveness of white blood cells
Increases oxygen in the blood
Lowers blood pressure and heart rate
Promotes lymphatic circulation
Enhances immune function
Reduces stress and anxiety
Reduces cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine levels (stress hormones)
Reduces pain levels (and consequently the use of pain medications)
Reduces muscle tension, soreness and fatigue
Reduces trigger point formation
Improves balance, performance and motor skills
Reduces scar formation and adhesions
Improves sleep patterns and mental alertness.



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